Advanced HR Management

Increase work efficiency with our platform and feel the easy in managing employees


Connecting Workforce Ecosystem through the foremost matching algorithm for effective performance


Providing profound solutions between companies and manpower through distinguished Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) allows you to manage employee more efficiently and more easily for you

Millions of updated CVs for prospective employees

Every day there are thousands of new registrants who will always be ready to join your company.    

Enjoy the profound candidate filter technology

Every job position has been filtered neatly and well organized so that it will make it easier for you to find the right worker

Candidates and companies connected in one app

Candidates and companies are connected in the same application. It would be very practical if all HR systems were integrated.

KPI and Performance Review in one platform

Want to review KPIs? or want performance review? Don't worry, CVsaya has made it easy. Everything is already available in the app


At, I can find various jobs easily with detailed criteria


With I really helped in finding several jobs with various interesting features


Yesterday my friend told me that this app is really helpful for finding job after graduate

Customer Service
Mobirise Website Builder

Very good !!, looking for a job is not complicated anymore 

Stock Admin
Mobirise Website Builder

The information is up to date, easily get a lot of jobs Information here

Content Creator
Mobirise Website Builder really stunning and help me more than expected. All things is highly recognizable

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